Assumption School: The Beginning through the 1950s
Assumption School opened its doors in 1938 with great fanfare - a parade was held, albeit a small one, to mark this momentus occasion.  Just twelve short years after the parish was founded, the the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany began what would be a 72 year history of welcoming students of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Embracing the basic skills as the building blocks of education, the school nourished many young people who went on to make significant contributions both locally and outside the Wood-Ridge community. 
As time passed and the needs of young learners grew so too did Assumption School's educational offerings including remediation programs for struggling learners and challenging ways for high achievers to move through their comfort zones.

School administrators and teachers alike encouraged all students to strive for the highest standards of academic achievement and moral behavior according to their abilities and learning styles.

Members of the Class of 1953
From top left to right: Gail Eisenbach, Lucille Navarro, Frances Abitante Weeks, Sandra Bosna
But Assumption School wasn't just about 'book' learning.  To be successful in life, a well rounded student needed to be exposed to music, art, and learn good social skills. 

In the early years, minstral shows and plays filled the auditorium with music, laughter and applause. School plays, friendly card games, holiday and themed dances for students and parents alike continued to shower all who attended with a light heart and decades of family fun.  

First graduating class - 1939

Can you identify Sister?

Class of 1948

This was no ordinary school and parish family. They worked hard but they also played hard taking entertainment  ​and creativity to new heights.

To celebrate the anniversary of the ordination to the priesthood of one of its beloved Franciscan Friars, a team of parish family members wrote, scored and performed a play in full Broadway style complete with professional scenery and even a 'Playbill' that could have easily come right out of a Broadway show.

But the school auditorium was more than just an entertainment venue. Science fairs, spelling bees, environmental exhibits and literary contests all helped shape the futures of the graduates of Assumption School.

Class picture - Grade 7 in 1959

Sister Maureen, Principal,  with students in the 1940s

Lots more photos, memorabilia, trophies and stories from the early years of Assumption School through the school's closing in 2010 were showcased in the exhibit celebrating the Church's 90th anniversary in Fr. Patrick Morris Hall.​ and are currently being archived for future generations.

First Communion - 1947