Baptism Registration Form

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To prepare for your child's baptism you need to:

  • Be a registered parishioner of Assumption.  If you have not yet registered, click on Join Our Parish on the home page, fill out and submit the registration form.

  • ​Complete and submit this form.

  • Document that at  least one of the godparents is a practicing Catholic.   A Letter of Good Standing from the pastor of one of the godparents satisfies this requirement.

  • Attend the Baptism Preparation class.  Both parents are expected to attend this class which is held the Wednesday night before the date of the baptism at 7:00PM in the Church.  Godparents are very welcome to attend if they are available.

  • ​Provide a check made payable to Assumption Church in the amount of $125 no later than the evening of the Baptism prep class.
Answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Baptisms start at 12:30PM unless you are advised otherwise.

  • The ceremony takes approximately one hour but is dependent on how many children are scheduled to be baptized.  

  • ​The child being baptized does not need to be dressed in white.  Adults should dress appropriately for church.  

  • There is plenty of parking for guests in the lot behind the school.

  • Assumption parish does not make any of its facilities available for celebration after the baptism.
More questions?
Contact the parish office at (201) 438-5555.
Information for godparents and documentation as listed above must be provided no later than the evening of the Baptism prep class.