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"We cannot really talk about the "ordinary" life of the Church because all of it is the graced gift of the Holy Spirit. Yet there are familiar ways by which evangelization happens: by the way we live God's love in our daily life; by the love, example, and support people give each other; by the ways parents pass faith on to their children; . In daily life, family members evangelize each other; men and women, their future spouses; and workers, their fellow employees, by the simple lives of faith they lead. " - USCCB from Go and Make Disciples:
A National Plan and Strategy for Catholic Evangelization in the United States

Within the Assumption parish family, we strive to live as Jesus did, bringing his word to all we meet in our every day lives and through the ministries of:
Baptism Preparation
Baptism, the sacrament of initiation, is a major event in the life of the child and the family.  The baptism preparation program introduces the parents and godparents to the responsibilities they have accepted.

Those engaged in Childrens Liturgy present God's word in language that young children can understand and how it connects to their lives. Children have the opportunity to engage in a conversation about the scripture, prayers, petitions and song are prayed in a simpler language and more engaging manner.  

Faith Formation
Children in grades 1-8 are introduced to the word of God and his church through a variety of instructional methods and family activities. Opportunities exist to share your faith from being a cathechist or catechist aid, helping with special projects, assisting in our summer programn office aide, brainstorming, and special projects, to being a catechist aide and many more depending on as much or as little time you can give. 

Parish Website
The Parish Website is a reflection of who we are as well as a source of information for our parish family and those who may be visiting or searching for a new spiritual home.  

Married couples within our parish family guide engaged couples in preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage by giving witness and sharing their stories and experience as a married couple.

RCIA is a process of welcoming and initiating new members into the Catholic Church. The Rite of Christian Initiation is a process for
those who have never been baptized and those baptized in other christian churches who want to become members of the Catholic Church.