Parish family members
in the Liturgical Ministries 
utilize their talents and gifts to enhance and add beauty to our liturgical celebrations.

 Liturgical Ministries


Liturgical Ministries
Adult and Childrens Choir
Altar and Sanctuary Care
Altar Servers, Adult and Youth
Extraordinary Ministers/
 Ministers to Homebound
Church Decorating
Childrens' Liturgy
Collection Counters

Evangelization Ministries
Baptism Preparation
Faith Formation 
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Community Ministries
Food Pantry
Knights of Columbus
Rosary Altar Society
Youth Ministry

Parish Councils
Finance ​

Some serve visibly during our liturgical celebrations while others contribute and talent 'behind the scenes' ina veriety of planning, organizing and maintaining roles.  Click on the name of any ministry you are interested in to send an email to the ministry leader.  Included in the Liturgical Ministries are:
Adult and Childrens Choir

Choir members (adults and children) help and encourage the assembly to participate actively in the Mass by raising their voices in song during Sunday Masses.
Altar and Sanctuary Care
The Altar and Sanctuary Care members fill an essential “behind the scenes” role in the preparations for the daily and weekly celebration of the Eucharist and all of the sacraments.​

Altar Servers 
Altar Servers assist the priest throughout the Mass.  Their participation includes carrying the cross or candles in the entrance processional, holding the lectionary for prayers and assisting in preparations for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  During special liturgies, such as Easter and Christmas, other duties may be assigned.

Childrens Liturgy
Those engaged in Childrens Liturgy present God's word in language that young children can understand and how it connects to their lives. Children have the opportunity to engage in a conversation about the scripture, prayers, petitions and song are prayed in a simpler language and more engaging manner.

Church Decorating
Participants in the church decorating ministry help to create a warm and inviting worship atmosphere as well as making each liturgical season come alive through the visual aids of color and design. 

Collection Counters
Volunteers in this ministry work perform various jobs pertaining to processing of the weekend Mass collections including sorting, opening envelopes, counting of cash, and sorting checks. 

Extraordinary Ministers
Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist assist the priest at mass by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the congregation.  Ministers may also bring Eucharist to the homebound.

Lectors share the word of God, with the exception of the gospel, at daily and weekend masses.

Ushers greet parishioners as they arrive for mass, assist those who have special needs, answer questions from visitors and parish family members and c ollect the weekly offering.  Ushers may also perform other duties uring special liturgies such as Easter and Christmas and are available to respond to emergencies as needed.​​